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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bulan 1


I'm sorry for making this blog empty with all my rumbling and thought to be shared. Frankly speaking, it has been ages that I remembered I do own a blog. Then, when it comes to write ones, the memories just vanish instantly. 


There are so many bittersweet of life has been tasted (last year) but then exclude the boys flavour dear.

Some of major events that makes things larger than life are listed:
* Korea trip - I spent 12 days in South Korea, enjoying 5 provinces (Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Mokpo and Gangwon), Maybe I would make a blog post about this trip so that a lot of my friends can do some budgets regardless this super cheaper trip budget (only RM3000- airplane+full board +souvenirs)

*Phuket trip - Spent 4 days there in order to calm down my inner-self regardless of non-stop teaching for about 4 semester. Details will be included in another blog post (hey! that's make 2 blog posts promise) hopefully I will have strength to write it on.

*My best friend during university having beautiful and sempoi wedding at Sungkai (super spontan punye pengantin). I have been honoured to be her bridemaid but wait...(she just choose me just because I'm much shorter than her)..LOL that is so Lia effect...haha

 *I won a silver award on innovation competition even though by the end of ceremony we found out that every participant got an award. haha :)

* Finally my BFF (miss E) got her wish come true when one of her secret admirer (can I say so..)
 confess his love to her (OMG! so sweet...eh ye ke??). I wish both of you get married this year (yup! they planning towards it already)..Tinggallah ku sendiri..sobs..sobs..:'(

Despite all the sweet and best memories then comes the gloomy December with bad news, my BFF's mom is diagnosed with brain tumor then her father admits for heart attack. Allah is blessing you, dear because Allah know you can endure it. Bertabah ok :)

see you next entry,


  1. sarah..adakah miss E tu (loading sekejap) akak kenal???mcm ku kenal..ape2 pon akak doakan korg happy n bahagia sokmo

    1. Akak mestilah kenal,baru je ber tunang bulan lepas..laki tu XMo kecoh2,hehe..best kan miss E, I je maintain solo molo

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