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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Overdose of Vitamin M

I was diagnosis with this symptoms:
1) Sleep earlier than usual (which is good sbb sokmo bgn subuh dgn bantuan bunyi alarm pertama)
2) After pray SUBUH, termenung thinking about NOTHING!! strange but i love my blank mind state
3) Doing nothing at the office, only keep on browsing stupid laman sesawang
4) after 5 PM, suddenly feeling worried about my students exam papers since i'm not touching it for 2 months..CRAZY..
5) Dining with heavy meals but still feeling hungry after that..

After a while, i go to check with my MENTAL Dr and she said that i'm overdose of these hybrid vitamin called vitamin M..It is a natural vitamin produce by new kalenjar hormone which is only can be growth if we still single by the age 25-30...

To prevent it, my MENTAL Dr. said that i have to be closer with the ones i loved including my parent and friends..i hope my reader can help me deal with this vitamin production. Last thing my Dr. advised me to make a due date in every single work i have...Right now, i'm on recovery phase since i updating my blog after a month hiatus blogging...

p/s: It's a lame name as Vitamin M but i guess it's the only polite words that i want to hear from my Dr.