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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Entry November

Nak ngarut boley..since aku tgh xde mood menanda paper ni, tetiba teringat kat blog terbiar ni..hihi..Ampun, i just cannot buat blog sebagai habit, tapi kalo bace blog2 mengarut mmg habit aku tiap kali on9 (online)

Speaking of November: 
Let me list what things that magically happen within these 10days;
1) I downloaded Taylor Swift Deluxe edition (180MB) which contain damn 6 or 7 songs that recorded for 3 version. WTF! Nasibaik ade gak lagu yg aku boleh layan
2) I called my besty kat UK and she's doing superbly fine and having fun with her life now! I'm happy for you dear~ never let the "COUNTRYsick and stupid L.O.V.E" fade your spirit away to reach your dream.
3) I'm on my way to finish marking my students papers yet i feel distracted with Internet and have been suffer by "GOOGLING fever"..I hate you Google..HAHA! kidding
4) I doing some stupid greeting video or stupid acting "working video" influenced lepas tgk Amazing Race Asia Challenge mlm td. I'm talking like Biggest Loser Asia contestant la..Darn! it's hard to accomplish it...I'll post it below

5) I'm cooking meatballs after three month google the recepies..it's been done less than 30minutes..SUPER YUMMY! Now, i'm googling for the best bolognese sauce for this coming farewell party. 
6) Tetibe rase nak tgk SWEET NOVEMBER <- saje gediks

Adios. Sila Benci aku lepas tgk video BODOH di atas..haha!